After previously living in the UK and Melbourne, I love living in Perth. When people who aren’t from Perth ask someone from Perth what it is about the city that they like the most, they almost always end their question with, “apart from the weather”. It’s like they know that the weather here is so good, with its 3000+ hours of annual sunshine that it really just goes without saying. Whenever I’m faced with this same restriction on my free speech, I now tell everyone it’s the lifestyle here in Perth that makes me love the place so much. But then of course, the lifestyle is a direct result of the weather! But what else is on that list? Why are so many of us packing our bags and heading west? In the first of our articles on things to do in Perth, we dive in (literally) for a look at the beaches and pools, as well as the river, and discover why getting wet in Perth is so much fun.

The beaches

“Which one?” I hear you ask? “All of them” I reply. There are so many awesome beaches in and around Perth it would be unfair to attempt to rank them. Leighton Beach is great for dog owners. Port Beach is great for young kids with its flat, shallow bottom and minimal surf. Scarborough Beach is a great spot to catch some waves, while City Beach is as its name suggests is close to the city and has some great BBQ facilities. Swanbourne Beach is the beach to visit if you’re looking for that all over tan, (nudge nudge, wink wink), and of course Cottesloe is, well, we think Cott speaks for itself. There are a number of other notables like Bather’s Beach and Trigg, and gazillions more as you get further out of town, but we’ll leave a more detailed exploration of those for another day, and another post.

The Swan River

Once again I can hear you asking “Which part?” to which I of course reply, “All of it!”. If you’ve ever taken one of the river cruises on a warm sunny day you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. With every twist and turn of this majestic body of water, you’ll discover new bays and cliffs, as well as a few nice houses along the way. Speaking of houses, the first river cruise I ever did, (I’ve done heaps since), I remember being blown away by the number of houses that have views of the river. As far as cities of the world with houses that have views of rivers or oceans, Perth must be somewhere near the top. And while the younger kids do backflips into the calm waters of Bicton Baths, you can check out the older (and bolder) participants throwing themselves off the cliffs at Blackwall Reach.

Outdoor pools

I remember cruising up one of the lanes in Fremantle’s outdoor 50m pool on an Australia Day a few years back, staring at a deep blue sky and thinking it doesn’t get much more Australian than this. Of course Freo isn’t the only outdoor pool here in Perth, with other locations including Claremont, Wanneroo, Bilgoman (Mundaring), Beatty Park (North Perth), Cragie (Joondalup), Bold Park (Floreat) and Rockingham. And if thrills, spills and water slides is what you’re after, a day spent at Adventure World in Bibra Lake will be right up your ally.

So what are you waiting for? Grab you’re towel and your togs (unless of course you’re going to Swanbourne!) and go and get wet 🙂