Perth's best destinations

Perth has seen a huge explosion of bars in the past few years, and not just in the CBD, although this is the area that has witnessed the biggest transformation. In the past the CBD was a ghost town on a Saturday night but now there are a myriad of great, mainly small bars popping up all over the place. Other areas that are ripe for a bit of bar hopping include Mt Lawley, Highgate, Northbridge, Subiaco and Leederville, and for those that prefer to be closer to the ocean, Fremantle is just bursting with charm and personality.

At the moment our Bar Hops are centred around the CBD, Northbridge and Fremantle areas but we encourage you to check out some of these amazing destinations and discover what each one has to offer.


If Australia is the lucky country, then Perth is definitely the lucky city. Taking its name from Perth in Scotland, Australia’s sunniest capital city sits between the beautiful Swan River and the magnificent expanse of the Indian Ocean. With all of this water and one of the most enviable climates on the planet, Perth has cemented its place as one of the world’s most liveable cities, and it seems that the word is out as approximately 1,000 new residents are arriving in Perth every week, not to mention the flood of tourists and backpackers that are constantly pouring into the city. This is all great because that means there are always new people for us to Bar Hop with!

Perth CBD

In the not so distant past you would have been dodging tumbleweeds if you were strolling the streets of the central business district on a Saturday night. No people, no vibe and no wonder…there were no bars! But those tumbleweeds are but a distant memory as new laws have made it much easier and cheaper for aspiring bar owners to jump in and have a crack. This resulted in the social equivalent of the Big Bang, with bars popping up all over the place and locals flooding in to make the most of the new situation. Now hopping from venue to awesome venue is easy and we can’t wait to have you along for the ride.

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Located on the other side of the train tracks to the CBD, Northbridge has long been considered Perth’s party capital, with plenty of bars and clubs and a vibe to match. There’s something for everyone here from rock music to house music and everything in between, and if you’ve got the munchies after a big bar hop, the area’s diverse ethnic population means there is something to suit every palate.

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Freo as its affectionately known to West Australians, has got fun written all over it. From the venues down by the harbour, to the hustle and bustle of the Cappuccino Strip, Freo is known for its vibrant music scene and a more laid back vibe than the rest of Perth (if that’s actually possible!) This area is the farthest spot from the CBD that Bar Hop operates, although it’s still less than half an hour on the train from the city.

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Yet another inner-city locale that’s a magnet for after-dark set aficionados, Leederville has plenty to keep you well fed, well hydrated and always entertained. While it may be fairly small with a population of approximately 3,000, Leedy as it’s known to locals, definitely punches well above its weight.



With the stadium serving as a backdrop, Subi is another social hotspot in Perth, with plenty of restaurants and shops to accompany the various bars that are dotted around the suburb. Watch the whole place explode as a game of footy finishes at the stadium, and thousands of fans come flooding in looking to celebrate a win or drown their sorrows.

Mt Lawley

Another long-established destination for nocturnal activity, the Mount Lawley and Highgate areas have heaps of cool cafes, great restaurants and of course some fantastic bars too. Beaufort Street is where you can catch most of the action, so start at one end and just keep going until you’re full!


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