One of Perth’s most unique venues, Bobèche takes its name from the French theatre clown who was a popular performer in the early 1900s. Just like its namesake, the venue has a distinguished appearance with just enough eccentricity to give it its unique character, and certainly enough tricks up its sleeve to entice you in.

Located within the depths of Brookfield Place beneath another iconic Perth venue, The Heritage Brasserie, Bobèche now inhabits a space formerly occupied by a collection of UK-based merchants, shipping agents and insurance brokers. These were industries that ran hot around a century ago, which is right about the period that the venue’s décor takes its inspiration from.

Other colourful aspects of French life that were related to French theatre around the time of Bobèche included the infamous painter Toulouse-Loutrec and the hedonistic suburb of Montmartre. The fact that both of its entrances, particularly the St Georges Terrace version, require the punter to delve underground to gain admittance further fuels that hedonistic impression. You can just imagine yourself descending into a den of iniquity and hopefully if you’re lucky, a serving of debauchery thrown in for good measure.

Bobèche – layout and design

As you arrive into the venue from either the steep descending staircase of the St Georges Terrace entrance, or the more open façade of the Brookfield Place access point, you can’t miss the murals that adorn the walls, including that of the main clown himself. As the background music eases you towards one of the many custom-made Chesterfields, the music helps to compound that Roaring 20s feeling with its elements of Dixieland, Edith Piaf and other notable sounds from that period through to the early 40s. The Chesterfields aren’t the only custom-designed aspect of the venue, as Bar Manager Joe Sinagra explains. Resplendent in his old school leather apron, Joe points me in the direction of the maker’s mark of the custom-designed (in France), hand moulded, pewter bartop. An elegant touch.



Bobèche – opening hours and specials

Open from 4pm every day except Sundays and public holidays, when its staff takes a well-deserved break, Bobèche is the only bar in Perth with a 2am license. Sure the nightclubs of Northbridge kick on for a couple more hours than that, but as far as Perth bars go, Bobèche lives up to that nonconformist reputation for being the place to frequent when all others have locked their doors. It should be noted here that there is a 1am lockout to observe, so if you’re planning on heading down here after the witching hour, make sure you don’t leave it too late. On the other hand, if you’re more of an early bird, you can catch the worm in the form of Monday to Friday happy hour deals as you take advantage of $7 tap beer, house wine and basics. This is a great time to get acquainted with the venue as not only is it handy on the wallet, the venue opens up to Brookfield Place, immediately giving it an airy feel that remains until the declining night temperature signifies that it’s once again time to close itself off the outside world.

Bobèche – signature drink

Speaking of drinks, we don’t think you can really say that you’ve done Bobèche until you’ve availed yourself of some tea amongst friends. Now we’re not talking Lipton, Dilmah or even Twinnings for that matter. We’re talking about the signature drink of the venue, the Bobèche Ice Tea So what’s different about the Bobèche version of the famous drink? Well the guys at Bobèche take the tea aspect of the drink more literally than other venues, taking out the traditional Cola for a unique blend of sweetly spiced tea and replacing the tequila and Cointreau with a Dutch Cherry Brandy. Along with these crowd pleasing adjustments, it arrives served in an ornate teapot and tea cups. While the scones and blue rinses are strictly BYO, you can also indulge yourself in an endless supply of popcorn, which is always going to be a winner.

Bobèche – food

Before you start throwing around the signature drink however, you might want something a bit more substantial to lay the foundations for a night built on teapots and BITs, and the concept of sharing flows from the teapot to the kitchen, as that’s also the ethos with regard to food at the venue. There are plenty of tasty offerings to choose from, although we’re huge fans of the crisp pork belly & chilli jam, as well as the BBQ lamb ribs with salsa verde. Mmm, yum! However we can’t mention food at Bobèche without a tip of the fedora to the always on $20 dozen oyster special.

So whether it’s just a couple of early drinks and popcorn, or a late night session with a crowd of other night owls, Bobèche should definitely be on your radar if it wasn’t already.

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