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The Perth Lowdown

Bob’s Bar

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work – Aristotle Bob’s Bar – Introduction I had no idea before I sat down with Seb Levy from Bob’s Bar that the venue was so heavily centered around craft beer, and having never met Seb before,  I was equally oblivious to the guy’s passion for the amber nectar. I guess the first clue as to the focus of the business is in the name. Conceived as a tribute to Australia’s third longest serving prime minster, and famously the holder of a world record for drinking beer, Bob Hawke, Bob’s Bar sits atop the Print Hall and Apple Daily venues. As one of only a handful of rooftop bars in Perth, one could be forgiven for thinking that its physical location would be its primary selling point. Not so. Seb loves his beer, but not any old sort. As a connoisseur of the stuff, this venue manager is on a mission to keep the mass produced brews well away from his bar. Focusing instead on unpasturised niche brands with names like Stone Brewing from San Diego and also Renaissance Brewing from Marlborough New Zealand. Seb seeks to provide a relaxed environment, where those looking for that something different can come in the knowledge that they’ve got a beer nut like Seb in their corner. With more than 20 craft beers always on offer, there’s bound to be something here for even the most discerning of aficionados, and in addition to the regular action, there are also recurring events such as the recently held American Craft Beer Week to further satisfy your...

Cheeky Sparrow

Ah Wolf Lane, we love this space. As former Melbournites, any cityscape that reminds us of our hometown always makes us feel good inside. So this laneway with its bars and street art hits the spot for us every time. And tucked away down the cobblestones is the multi-purpose venue Cheeky Sparrow. This place has more skins than an onion which may have something to do with the fact that it keeps such long opening hours, and as a result it gets such a diverse clientele. The early sparrow catches the worm, as it kicks things off Mon-Fri from 6.30am. This has got to be one of the earliest opening bars in the whole of Perth! On Mondays they’re open until 12pm and the menu is fairly limited. You can have coffee, coffee, or yes, you guessed it, coffee. Tues-Fri you can grab some breakky until 10.30am, lunch from 11.30am, and the kitchen is open all day, usually ‘till about 9pm. The weekends are different again with the venue running from 3pm until 12am on Sat (later license pending), and closed all day Sunday. And if you fancy a boogie, get down on a Friday and hear a selection of retro grooves, interspersed with a sprinkling of random sounds thrown in for good measure. So is it a café or a wine bar? General Manager Bryce Bateman is keen to avoid pigeonholing the space and instead states that he see the place as neither, although it performs the activities of both very well. It’s a relaxed casual vibe, reminiscent of, as Bryce puts it, “Nana’s living room”. Now I...


One of Perth’s most unique venues, Bobèche takes its name from the French theatre clown who was a popular performer in the early 1900s. Just like its namesake, the venue has a distinguished appearance with just enough eccentricity to give it its unique character, and certainly enough tricks up its sleeve to entice you in. Located within the depths of Brookfield Place beneath another iconic Perth venue, The Heritage Brasserie, Bobèche now inhabits a space formerly occupied by a collection of UK-based merchants, shipping agents and insurance brokers. These were industries that ran hot around a century ago, which is right about the period that the venue’s décor takes its inspiration from. Other colourful aspects of French life that were related to French theatre around the time of Bobèche included the infamous painter Toulouse-Loutrec and the hedonistic suburb of Montmartre. The fact that both of its entrances, particularly the St Georges Terrace version, require the punter to delve underground to gain admittance further fuels that hedonistic impression. You can just imagine yourself descending into a den of iniquity and hopefully if you’re lucky, a serving of debauchery thrown in for good measure. Bobèche – layout and design As you arrive into the venue from either the steep descending staircase of the St Georges Terrace entrance, or the more open façade of the Brookfield Place access point, you can’t miss the murals that adorn the walls, including that of the main clown himself. As the background music eases you towards one of the many custom-made Chesterfields, the music helps to compound that Roaring 20s feeling with its elements of Dixieland,...