So what happens on a bar hop?

So what actually happens on a Bar Hop?

If you’re reading this, chances are you are you’re looking for a great night out. You might be new in town, maybe you’re here on holiday, or perhaps you’ve lived here for years and you just want to try something new. Whoever you are and wherever you’re from, we’re so glad to have you here and look forward to Bar Hopping with you soon.

Once you arrive at the first venue make sure you look out for your host. He or she will be the one with the Bar Hop t-shirt. Now it’s time to grab a drink and meet some of the other Bar Hoppers. As soon as we’ve got everyone at the venue you can expect an intro from your host who will get things kicked off.

And we love to give you extra value…

So we make sure that as a Bar Hopper you get something special at every venue. You can expect to receive some complimentary food or a very friendly discount at each and every venue we visit.

You want to know which bars we visit right?

Well that takes all the fun out of it!  You will know our meeting spot ahead of time and then we take care of the rest.  We’ll visit three of Perth’s best bars in the next three hours, spending just under an hour at each venue. All the Bar Hop itineraries are planned so that the walking times are kept to a minimum, so that’s less time on the pavements and more time at the bars.


It doesn’t have to end, when it ends…

Three hours after your first drink it’s officially the end of the Bar Hop, although the night never stops there…far from it! Now you’re surrounded by a bunch of new friends, it’s only just gone 9pm and it’s up to you to see what happens for the rest of the evening.

The team here at Bar Hop love the idea that many of our Bar Hoppers continue the night with their new friends and catch up again after the night is over. This is why Bar Hop is so popular with people who are new to Perth when they can meet a new group of friends every week!

So whether you are new to Perth, just here for a few days, or you’ve been here forever, head over to the booking section and reserve your spot.

Sound good?

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