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The Perth Lowdown

The Standard

Standard in name but not by nature With only a couple of months until its first birthday, we thought a review of The Standard was well overdue. One of our favourite new venues in Perth, and according to legend, previously a questionable locale for cards and cheeky drinks between old boys, The Standard has experienced a change of character, replacing it with one of the most vibrant and original spaces to be found in Northbridge. With its fun, relaxed vibe and decidedly airy feel, The Standard is a great destination for a bite to eat after a show, or just as appropriate, some afternoon drinks in the very cruisy wine garden. I’m hanging out with effervescent Venue Manager Clancy Rasmussen who admits that while her experience of running bars is limited to her current role, an extensive background in restaurants and other management roles have seen her bring new ideas and experiences to the venue. And there’s plenty here that is different from the norm, from the décor in the wine garden to the wall-mounted foghorn plant, and similarly-affixed light box art from Freo-based designers Dunk n Wagnell. I love a good shipping container said no one ever, but the guys down here have made excellent use of the one they have, with the roof used as a second level balcony complete with tables and chairs, and the inside doubling (or is that trebling?) up as a cool room, store room and bar … very functional! From the roof of the container you can experience an elevated perspective of parts of the Northbridge and city skylines, while the voyeur...

The Heritage

The name says it all. Almost everything about The Heritage harks back to another point in time. I say almost everything as there are some exceptions which we’ll get to soon. If the 1920s is an era that you’re a fan of, and seriously, what’s not to love, then you’ll be in your element here. I’m sitting with Helen Clarke, Administration & Functions Manager at The Heritage, and this international hospitality veteran has got plenty to tell me when on the topic of her latest project, the first venue she has been responsible for since her arrival back in WA. From the marble flooring to the French-custom made pewter bartop, the mood is decidedly continental, a feeling that is cemented when you also take into account the Foucault pendulum chandeliers, designed in 1851 and similarly imported from France. That continental vibe is further enhanced by the airiness that exists on the warmer days, when the staff open the huge windows facing Brookfield Place, and allow the urban atmosphere to come pouring through. While the vibe may be European, two of the three owners, Paul and Lynn Wolkowinski hail from the UK. Continuing their impressive hospitality tradition, they’ve been behind the wheel of this new venue since its launch back in 2012, while Lynn has been an owner in the Perth hospitality scene for quite a bit longer as proprietor of long-standing Barrack Street venue Halo. The ownership trio is rounded out by another member of the Wolkowinski clan Edward, who is also the venue’s General Manager. The venue may be new but the building is steeped in history with...

Perth Nightclubs

With so many new venues opening in Perth recently, we thought it would be good to take a snapshot of the current state of play for Perth nightclubs. Some of the Perth nightclubs that exist today have been around for years, decades even! However that’s not to say that they haven’t continually been getting revamped with new décor, equipment and layout, far from it. In this article we’ll take a look at the main players in Perth’s nightclub scene and what you can expect at each one. Although the information in this list was accurate at the time of writing, for the most up to date details, you might want to check the Facebook page of the venue you’re looking to go to. Almost none of the nightclubs on this list have current event information on their website, so the Facebook option, or giving them a call, seem to be the best methods of making sure you’re don’t rock up to a trap night when you thought you were in for a night of retro classics. Now that would be a disaster! Air There’s plenty of fun to be had at this Northbridge club, with plenty of big room house and regular fancy dress events. If you enjoy catching celebrities from some of your favourite tv shows, then that’s another reason to get down here and immerse yourself in the plush surroundings. 139 James St, Northbridge (upstairs) P. 0427 933 836 W. www.airclub.com.au F. www.facebook.com/airclubperth Ambar If there was an award for winning Perth nightclub awards then Ambar would have it in the bag. Picking up the gong for...